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5 Things Influencers Wish Brands Knew

Working with influencers regularly must be quite the task I can imagine. Every day there is someone new and it now makes the task even more difficult to be inclusive and select the appropriate ones for each brand or project. Once you've identified the right influencers...

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Should you work for free? by Seth Godin

Most of us have been in this situation, we make choices that revolve around  "To work for free, or to not work for free?".  In some cases I've seen people take the irrational route and without giving it much thought declaring that THEIR time is...

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I am a Real Life Potentialist

I am a Potentialist. A Potentialist is someone who is inspired, who embraces life and follows their dreams. Just before the holidays this year, Amex asked me to take part in a campaign titled “Realize The Potential”. They wanted me to share my story about how...

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Marcus Troy X BHD – #TravelWithUsThailand

Something magical happens when you step outside of what you are afraid to do, and step into what you dream you can do.  Marcus Troy and I talked about how we could travel the world with our peers and create cultural experiences.  Set to create...

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