Travel With Us

Travel With Us

Along with Marcus Troy we developed Travel With Us, a real time visual feed from some of the most breathtaking destinations in the world bringing the audience along for the experience. The success of the initiative’s first experience, “Travel With Us Thailand” inevitably led to the continuation of this journey across the globe. We captured 1068 photos on Instagram, and boasted 51319 likes in total. There were 651 mentions on Twitter using the #TravelWithUsMalaysia hashtag. Total estimated reach of 2.7 million impressions.

Through relationships with travel partners, we were able to conceptualize a travel experience to Thailand and Malaysia where we took 7 online publications to these countries for 14 days and created online content for them in real time. This content was shared in real time through custom hashtags. We reached 2.1 million people on each of these trips. The journey was captured by a videographer, adding to the narrative of creating unique and compelling content for those destinations.

 Some of the other partners on these trips included Rimowa, Lazy Pants, Native Shoes, L Space to name a few.



December 16, 2014