Playlist – Tune into some of my top songs

I take great pleasure in creating playlists and sharing music on social media. Many people have been asking about the songs I post on my IG stories or twitter, I decided to get back to making playlists of what I am currently listening to. Some...

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Daniella, The BHD, Naskademini

Reclaiming my platform

June 2016, I started a job in PR for a great company. I was so excited about the job, it moved me back to my beloved Toronto from Montreal. I felt overjoyed that life was aligning offering me everything I was longing for.  I remember...

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Marketing Podcast, Marcus Troy, Naskademini, BHD

The Return of “What A Time To Be Online” Podcast

If there is one thing I get passionate about discussing (other than music) it's marketing. It fascinates me to have conversations about current trends in marketing - including the ever so changing space of influencers, influence, marketing consideration and conversion. Marketing is continuously evolving - and one of...

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5 Things Influencers Wish Brands Knew

Working with influencers regularly must be quite the task I can imagine. Every day there is someone new and it now makes the task even more difficult to be inclusive and select the appropriate ones for each brand or project. Once you've identified the right influencers...

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First-Time Homebuyer FOMO

I’m at that age where so many things seem to fall into FOMO and I’m not talking about music festivals. Now more than ever, I long to make my first big purchase and become a first-time homebuyer. Part of it I must admit is because...

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Alyssa high res

Woman Of The Week – Alyssa Atkins

Name… Alyssa Atkins   Passion… Entrepreneurship, growth marketing, feminism, cheeseless pizza.   9 to 5… I head up marketing at CareGuide, a company that matches families with care providers, whether they need a sitter, housekeeper, house sitter, senior care, nanny, or pet sitter. It is not really 9 to...

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Talya Macedo

Woman of the Week – Talya Macedo

    Name… Talya Macedo   Passion… Do I have to list just one? Ok how about three… style, communications and the beautiful people in my life.   9 to 5… I’m an Account Manager at Langton Communications - a public relations firm that manages several beauty and lifestyle brands....

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