The Return of “What A Time To Be Online” Podcast

Marketing Podcast, Marcus Troy, Naskademini, BHD

The Return of “What A Time To Be Online” Podcast

If there is one thing I get passionate about discussing (other than music) it’s marketing. It fascinates me to have conversations about current trends in marketing – including the ever so changing space of influencers, influence, marketing consideration and conversion. Marketing is continuously evolving – and one of the aspects that is always a hot topic for discussion is influencers. Do you believe influencers are effective? How do you define influencers? How do you measure whether influencers are increasing consideration and conversion for your brand? How can we track that?

I was a guest on my friend Marcus Troy and Naskademini’s podcast “What A Time To Be Online” and we discuss just that. If you like organic conversation check it out. I’ve been told it’s a good listen.

Let me know your thoughts.

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