Reclaiming my platform

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Reclaiming my platform

June 2016, I started a job in PR for a great company. I was so excited about the job, it moved me back to my beloved Toronto from Montreal. I felt overjoyed that life was aligning offering me everything I was longing for.  I remember being overwhelmed with all the changes and possibilities that I thought I would be too busy for BHD.  After 8 years of caring for this site as though it was my baby, I had suddenly decided that I had outgrown it. Fast forward to a few months ago,  I started to get the itch, the itch to write, the itch for my dear confidant BHD. Could I do it again? Would I have time to write?

Last week I decided I needed to reclaim my platform, while this past year has far exceeded my expectations, I miss having creative outlet. I miss writing. I promise you to share the good and the ugly, the wonderful moments, great achievements along the way.

It has been 8 years since I started BHD, I now strive for growth, learning and I love the woman I’m becoming and so proud of everyone around me who’s crossing off their goals one by one.

Photography by Naskademini

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