5 Things Influencers Wish Brands Knew


5 Things Influencers Wish Brands Knew

Working with influencers regularly must be quite the task I can imagine. Every day there is someone new and it now makes the task even more difficult to be inclusive and select the appropriate ones for each brand or project. Once you’ve identified the right influencers to work with, how do you make sure you work with them effectively. It’s no secret that influencers have a laundry list of things they wish brands knew – I thought I would share a few.


1.Creating quality content takes time and money

If your expectations of working with an influencer is for them to create original content (video, audio, photoshoot) and this content will then be used by them and yourself to attract new customers then there is a value to that. In most cases it takes a village to create content and this village can only work for free for so long. When approaching an influencer for a project keep this in mind, they will appreciate it. Think of it this way, if your brand or agency goes out to create quality content there is a cost associated to the team working on that creative. You may or may not have the budget asked by the influencer, but the first step is having the right mindset in understanding what goes into delivering custom quality content for you.

2. Value their input

When you have selected an influencer to work on a campaign or project, it is a partnership. Be open to hearing their input and expertise on the subject, after all, this is why you want to work with them. They have successfully worked with other brands and can provide some valuable insight that you may not have. Furthermore, as it is a partnership you want to know that the both of you are working towards the same end goal, success.

3.  No strings attached

Influencers can influence only when they remain authentic to their brand and audience. This is a criteria that make them desirable to brands, their authenticity resonates with their audience and translates to engagement. Which brings me to my next point, if you send an influencer product without them soliciting it there should be no expectations on your part for them to do anything with it. How could they possibly write about everything they receive, that they haven’t asked for? The brand may or may not be to their liking. It may or may not be a fit for their brand (do your research). That expectation for them to speak on everything they receive, whether its good or not, whether it fits their brand or not is diluting the game.

4.  Invest time and effort

You want to build relationships with influencers that go beyond a one off?  Invest time and effort. Nothing more deceiving then receiving impersonal emails from brands or pr. If you want influencers to be your brand evangelists, treat them like it. Everyone feels better having genuine relationships that flourish into long term partnerships.

5.  Do your research

There are more influencers and bloggers than ever which is why it’s very important to make sure to find the right fit for your brand. You want to make sure that at all times this person is aligned with your messaging and your goals. Just because someone has a lot of followers doesn’t mean they are the right fit for your brand. For example – energy drinks are probably a bad fit for a fitness influencer. Silly example but you get my drift. Tailoring your pitch to the right influencer is always the right way.

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