Woman Of The Week – Alyssa Atkins

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Woman Of The Week – Alyssa Atkins

Alyssa high res

Name… Alyssa Atkins


Passion… Entrepreneurship, growth marketing, feminism, cheeseless pizza.


9 to 5… I head up marketing at CareGuide, a company that matches families with care providers, whether they need a sitter, housekeeper, house sitter, senior care, nanny, or pet sitter. It is not really 9 to 5 at all; I shepherd hundreds of thousands of desktop and mobile users to our services every month through a half dozen online marketing channels.


Shameless plug… I am a killer Director of Marketing. Inside of CareGuide, I’ve built our payments service into its own entity, HeartPayroll, that has grown so ferociously it is quickly becoming a core part of the CareGuide mission. I graduated from The Next 36, Canada’s most rigorous and prestigious entrepreneurship institute. Before I was recruited to CareGuide, I was an integral part of the marketing team at the breakout startup Top Hat.


Favourite heel… Truth be told, I never wear heels. Favourite shoes must be my Asics runners; I run half marathons. But I know that readers here are probably heel experts. I recently started following my friend’s sister on Instagram–she manages communications at ALDO and always brings it: @stylepilgrim


Home is… I was born in Windsor, but over the last few years of living in Toronto, this has become the place I call home.


I overcome a ¨broken heel¨ by… adapting, quickly. One thing I’ve learned is to keep my calm and just keep pushing. Working in a fast-paced startup as I do, the environment is unpredictable and often chaotic (this is good; it means things are going well). I’ve learned not to dwell on what’s wrong, but to adapt to the situation and implement an alternate plan.


I confess I am… never settled, which has proven to be both a gift and a curse. I’m always reaching for more, which sort of puts me in a state of constant unease. However, it also pushes me outside of my comfort zone to continually expect more from myself.


If I had one wish… it would be to see more women as entrepreneurs, especially tech entrepreneurs. My friends Mallorie and Lauren, co-founders of a leading construction tech-company, are the sort of entrepreneurs that I’m inspired by. Not only are they founders of a booming technology company, but are pioneering in the construction industry.


Beauty is… confidence. In who you are, what you do, and how you do it.


I absolutely love… the latest book I’m reading, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Only a few chapters in and I’m astounded by the practical tools it has afforded me when it comes to the effectiveness of my persuasion skills. Things like negotiating contracts, closing deals, and convincing my fiancé to cook dinner every night this week.


My role model is… Malgosia Green. She impresses me on so many dimensions. Malgosia is an entrepreneur, currently Chief Product Officer at Top Hat, and my former boss. Malgosia leads a challenging product at one of the top startups in Toronto, and has founded, built, and sold companies. She is quite simply a #bosslady.


I want to be remembered for… being an entrepreneur.  This is a part of my genome, and I want to be remembered for building things that weren’t there before.


You make a difference by… continuing to push long after others have given up.


Last words… You can do hard things.



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