I am a Real Life Potentialist


I am a Real Life Potentialist

Daniella final

I am a Potentialist. A Potentialist is someone who is inspired, who embraces life and follows their dreams.

Just before the holidays this year, Amex asked me to take part in a campaign titled “Realize The Potential”. They wanted me to share my story about how I realized my potential and became a real life Potentialist.

Realizing your potential means striving for a more well-rounded form of success that takes into account dreams, self-fulfillment and happiness.

People often comment how lucky I am to be able to live out my dreams, but I believe that everyone makes a choice to pursue their passion or wish they did. Too often people fear listening to their inner voice. Realizing your potential is manifesting your vision by all means. To me it means surrounding myself with people who I can constantly learn from, always staying open to growing, and being able to admit what I don’t know. Working with like-minded individuals, who share the same drive, passion and ambition.  A balance of these things makes me feel secure in the attainability of my goals.  Every morning I wake up and I challenge myself to accomplish at least one thing in the day that brings me closer to my final goals.

Long story short, I make things happen on a daily basis. I find a way, I don’t let anything stop me for reaching what I’ve set my eyes on. I thrive off challenging myself to bring into existence what can seem inconceivable to others.  Whether that’s getting on the phone with a brand to discuss an idea for a project or collaboration, or sitting down with my peers and coming up with creative ideas for other partners. Many times it’s connecting people with the right resources or people to help make their dreams come true. I believe in collaborative work, I believe in exchange of ideas and strongly think that it promotes growth. When I wake up every day, I create my schedule for the day, no two days are the same but every action is connected to the bigger picture.

Near the end of November, Marcus Troy and I launched a project called Travel With Us, where we take influencers around the world with us. Our first destination was Thailand, and I remember having an AHHA moment watching the sunset in Phuket. I thought to myself “This is exactly why I love what I do”. In that moment I felt fulfilled and content because I knew that every experience we create is in alignment with my greater goal. All the compliments from peers and all the successes really don’t hold any value unless you believe in your ability.

I am a Real Life Potentialist because I made a commitment to myself to stick to my vision and see my dreams come true.  Every day I am diligent in my actions, I make it a point to learn something valuable that can be transferred and applied to my growth.  Sometimes through reading a book, or reading industry articles. This keeps my thinking fresh, and challenges what I know. I keep a small advisory group, people who I look up to. These are the people that can give me an honest opinion, not what I want to hear but what I need to hear in order to grow.

Are you realizing your potential? If not what’s stopping you? If so how do you stay on track as a Potentialist?

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  • I’m still learning my full potential I suppose. Though I try every day to put myself and my best foot forward.
    I get inspired to do better and be better by people like yourself.

    January 16, 2013 at 7:44 pm
  • I am definitely a Potentialist! I had a rough 2012 where many of my goals and dreams weren’t quite realized – by things both within and outside of my control. I did have a few glimmers of success, so that has propelled me to give it my all now and get what’s mine.

    Life is too short, and as I get older I realize we’re solely responsible for creating the life we want to live. Sometimes our dreams seem too big and outrageous because we refuse to take the first step to trying to attain them. That doesn’t mean that they’re unreachable, but until you take that first step, you’ll never know. I’m working on putting fear aside and going for it, because I believe that the reward will be worth the work.

    Great post! Keep striving!

    January 17, 2013 at 12:59 am
  • Thanks for sharing this Daniella!

    It took a while, but I found my passion in PR and to get my dream job I went back to college. This program at Centennial is showing me my potential and I feel like it’s helping me to succeed in the PR industry.

    I am hoping all my hard work will pay off this year and I’ll be working!

    January 17, 2013 at 2:51 am

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