Marcus Troy X BHD – #TravelWithUsThailand


Marcus Troy X BHD – #TravelWithUsThailand

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Something magical happens when you step outside of what you are afraid to do, and step into what you dream you can do.  Marcus Troy and I talked about how we could travel the world with our peers and create cultural experiences.  Set to create unforgettable memories, and engaging content to showcase the beauty of the places we visit.

Well here it is folks, I present to you Travel With Us a collaborative project between Marcus troy and myself. We are now in Thailand along with Sarah from Coco&Cowe, Jaystrut, Naskademini exploring all the beauty this country has to offer. Follow them also on Instagram to see the country through their lenses.  Follow the hashtag #TravelWithUsThailand

You can also log on to to see a live feed of our trip AND sign up to be part of our next adventure. That’s right, we want to give everyone a chance to apply to come along our next experience.

Brand Partners: L Space Swimwear &  Native Shoes

#TravelWithUsThailand impression estimated at 2.7 million

We captured 627 photos on Instagram. There were 391mentions on Twitter using the #TravelWithUsMalaysia hashtag. Using Sysomos social media analytics, we were able to calculate the impressions on social media channels.

The combination of tweets, and Instagram photos also being tweeted, the #TravelWithUsThailand hashtag reach was estimated to be 2.7 million impressions.

Total of impressions for both of our trips 5.4 million, photos total 1,695 and a total of 1,042.


You can see the feed of the pictures from the trip here –

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