Once upon a time back in 2009,  I started a blog called BHD aka Broken Heel Diaries. It was my everything, I dedicated every minute of my life writing and building the brand. A few years later I found a few women that were as passionate about it as much as I was and we turned it into a Lifestyle Magazine where we had an editorial team of over a dozen writers. I had a job in music marketing at the same time and I used everything I knew about marketing to build BHD, including blood, sweat and tears. I was lucky to work with a talented team who poured so much of what they knew into making it what it was. As things began to evolve we decided to extend into events, forming partnerships with partners and programs with influencers.

What I loved the most about it was that no matter where I was in life, or what was happening, it was my refuge. I could come back to it and write any time without any limitations. I guess you can say BHD was a place I used to live out my dreams.

Broken heart, failed friendships, new job, lost job, highest highs, lowest lows (broken heels) it was always there. I accepted a corporate job last year and I love every second of it but something was missing… BHD.  So here I am to reclaim my platform – and to share again the wonderful highs and lows, the music that keeps me going, all the great experiences, people and places my career has allowed me to take part in. Now looking back 8 years later and I must say I’ve come a long way from that girl in 2009, I still work with some great partners, still building out great ideas and conquering my goals one day at a time.

Here we go…



I bring 12 years of experience delivering successful programming in the arenas of culture, fashion, beauty and entertainment. Every strategy I implement and conceptualize  is in an effort to live out my dreams and passions.




Creating an online safe space to release our thoughts, opinions and reactions has always been at the basis of BHD. When we’re not working away, we write about things we are most passionate about.

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Email: d@thebhdmedia.com